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Requested by :iconbenundrownd:
It's been long time since I upload a story
Sorry about that guys
Sorry for the grammars if there is
please enjoy

Katyusha POV

"So what do you want to talk about M/N?" I asked

I was sitting on a chair and M/N was sitting on the other chair

"It's about Natalya"


"Yes...why does she like her brother?"

"Hmmm....well I guess because Natalie doesn't have much friends ever since she was young because of her very scary attitude. Ivan and I are the only people she ever been close to. But she was more close to her brother than me. Ivan was fine with it at first but now his scared of her because of her obsession " I told him

"Then why can't she accept me?" M/N said

"She can't interact well except for me and Ivan. Even though she knows you for a long time now she's still not use to it.If you talk to her more often maybe she will accept you"

Everything went silent a little bit until M/N chuckled softly and smiled

"okay...thank you Katyusha" He said

"you're welcome" I said smiling

'Good, He is smiling'

"Oh!, I've forgot to make the tea"

I stand up and said

"I'll help"

"No you're the guest here you just sit there and relax" He said smiling gently at me and went to the kitchen to make the tea

I sat down and look around the room.

The walls are painted in beautiful pinkish red with lots of flowers as a design.
I was amazed until I saw little droplets of red liquid on the floor toward to a door under the stairs.The door doesn't have any designs and a doorknob but has a rectangular hole

'A slide door.'

I slide the door and there was stairs going down. I went down and smell something weird. I turn on the lights and saw something horrifying

'Th-this is'


I saw a dead person at the floor.

It was Toris

His clothes are all torn up and bloodied. he's thin and decaying for being here for so long. there was also a Empty buckets and a paint brush for some reason.

"So you found out"

I looked at the owner of the voice.


He didn't say anything as he slashed something on my eyes

It was all dark and it hurts so much I can feel something wet on my face. I was about to scream from pain but it was ruffled by some kind of cloth.

"Hmmmph!" I muffled

"I'm sorry Katyusha I can't let you tell this to anyone....even her" He said to me

His voice was trembling and sad

"good bye" he whispered to my ear

I can feel a blade plunged to my chest through my heart

It's really painful

so painful...

'Why M/N?'

After that I cannot feel anything anymore
The last thing I heard was

I'm sorry...
Love me (Yandere Male Reader x Belarus Part 5)
Oh my god it's been 9 months since I last posted the previous chapter
I was in writers block and having a hard time in school 
Good thing is Christmas vacation now XD

M/N: 25 years old
Toris: 25 years old
Ivan: 25 years old
Natalya: 23 years old
Katyusha: 27 years old

I don't own hetalia
no bad comments guys

Next: Coming soon

request from :iconbenundrownd:
Sorry for the long update dude
rough time at school
Sorry for the wrong grammars

Katyusha's POV

It's been more than a week since Toris went missing.
It's still unknown why his missing. The police is investigating his house but even now there still no clue to his disappearance.

Oh dear I hope his alright.

"hello Katyusha" someone familiar greeted me, when I turn around ( *boing sound* :3 ) I saw M/N waving at me I smiled and greeted back.

"Oh hello to you too M/N"

M/N and I had met each other because of my brother Ivan introduced me to him when they were younger . He's very friendly and sometimes helps the neighbors when his not doing anything. His very nice... too nice

Since childhood His parents are always away because of work.So they ask me to watch over of him and I accepted it. He was kind of happy about it.

I took care of him and I even treated him as my brother.

But after he graduated high school, he said he wanted to live on his own .I have no choice but to accept his choice. He needs to learn to live and survive on his own. I'm not the one making the choices for him.

Even thought that, I still worried for him and still treat him as my brother. No matter what happens.

M/N was looking left to right for some reason

"where is Natalya?" He asked

"Oh she's with Ivan right now" after I said that, he went silent

"...oh" He mumbled. he looked sad

I felt pity

I know his in love with my sister Natalya since *that day*. Ivan told me what happened few weeks ago, that Natalya harshly rejected him, and he changed after what happened . I don't know what changed him , but I think is something bad.

M/N is also Toris friend.

There were like best friend since high school even now there still friends. But Last week Toris went missing in the same week of the rejection...maybe in the same day after it. It very understandable that M/N looks upset. Rejected by the one he loves , and a friend went missing.



"can we talk for a my house" He said to me softly

I guess he needs someone to talk with.

"of course" I said smiling at him and he smiled back

"Thank you. shall we go" he said

I nodded and followed him

'Maybe I'll give him some good cheering up advice. I hope it will help him'

I thought while following him to his house
Love me (Yandere Male Reader x belarus part 4)
Oh my god it's been so long since I last posted the previous story of this
More than 6 months now right?
I'm sorry about that. High school is like getting more advance maybe because of K12 or it's just hard for me.

But it's fine

My grammars are improving a little bit though too 

I also started having music lessons since January this year
So busy but summer vacation is getting near YAY XD

Oh  I never told you guys what age are they in this fic uh
I will tell you guys that at the next chapter okay 

I don't own hetalia
Don't steal this
No bad comments

Next: Coming soon
Draw bunny Misaki with Mecha-san by Marialucy1999
Draw bunny Misaki with Mecha-san
Mecha-san the Magical mechanical pencil! XD
Inspired by my mechanical pencil I always used
Yes I named my own pencil. Why? I don't really know 
I draw this a long time ago though
I found it in my files and try to finish it and I did
I've been looking at my files and saw some saved draft. mostly fanfictions stories I didn't finish yet
I was getting busy for school and I'm having music classes that just started last month
But summer vacation is near so it's a good thing because I can finish the fanfiction in that day or some of the drawings I didn't finish too
Maybe I'll make mecha-san draw someone again *wink**wink*

I don't own junjou romantica and the characters

except mecha-san the magical mechanical pencil

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