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April 6


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I'm so so sorry that I upload so long
This the the second chapter
It's really short
I hope you people reading this will love it though
This is a request from :iconhotshot432:

Y/N Pov

'I hope they won't notice this, Well no one going to notice me anyway...' I thought
I was wearing a jacket so nobody will see my bruises. Well...actually everyday I wear a jacket all the time because my step-mother keep hitting me every night. Because I'm a wolf hybrid I can't sweat much.

"Hey doggy you still wear that stinking old clothes again"

"You should buy some clothes, Oh wait you can't, Because you're a freakin dog!!!" They laugh at me

That true. I usually were this clothes every day. All of my clothes are all ripped because of My step-mother. This clothes are only the one that never ripped, So I wear this when I'm in school and the ripped clothes I wear it only at home.


At the canteen

I am at the canteen. My lunch are only biscuits and a water bottle. This is only food I ate every recess. The tables are already have full of people so I guess I have to eat my lunch beside the canteen door again

"Ve!~ excuse -a me" Someone said to me, I look up and saw Feliciano. His the nicest and kindest person in school 'what does he want from me anyway'
"What is it"

"Do you want to sit with us ve~" He said

'Well that's a first'I thought

"Uh...Okay" I said awkwardly

"Yay! Come let's go ve~" He said taking my hand and run towards to there sit

'Why he always say 've' in every sentence' I thought confused

3rd person's pov (before calling Y/N)

At the Table

"Ve~ Ludwig look at her" Feli said pointing at Y/N

"Look!, she so sad and she's sitting at the floor too ve~" Feli said sad look on his face

"Kesesese~ He's right Ludwig" Gilbert said, Gilbird chirp in agreement


"I know I notice that too, So what are we going to do?" Ludwig said

"We can ret her sit here with us" Kiku said

"Ve! that's a great idea!" Italy said cheerfully

"Oh great. were going to have another bastard" Lovino

"Don't be like that to little chica Lovi or maybe I use my lucky chant to make happy" Antonio said happily, getting ready to do his 'lucky' chant

"Don't you dare and don't call me Lovi you tomato bastard!"

"Too late~ Fusosososo~!"


"I guess every body agreed. I think , Feli you talk her" Ludwig said

"Okie dokie ve~" Feli said and left to talk to her
I'm really sorry about not uploading early sad 
Well thank you for being patience anyway :)
Don't steal this
I don't own hetalia also…
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